April 2, 2012 Grand Opening

As the gym nears completion and will soon be opening its doors, we wanted to inform everyone of the first promotion we will be holding.  With all new members joining the gym in first week, April 2-7, all members will receive a Founders Pricing special.  This pricing is a $70/month LIFETIME promotion!  

We also understand that a lot of you may be new to CrossFit.  Because of this, we have decided to allow everyone to begin enjoying the CrossFit classes from day 1.  However, we will require everyone to participate in 1 Fundamentals class within the first 2 weeks of joining the gym.  Please review the class schedule below for the times available to take the Fundamentals class.
**Please keep in mind that this class is a requirement to all new CrossFitters.

This is a great opportunity and we want as many people to join during this period of time as possible. The pain, sweat, and tears of CrossFit are meant to be shared with those we love! Bring your friends and family and share with them the benefits of CrossFit!


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