Coach Dan’s Friday Focus

Coach Dan’s Friday Focus

Good Morning CrossFit The Point Members. So another week in the books here at CrossFit The Point and things are looking up. I am so excited for all of our new members and look forward to being a part of your fitness goals.

With all the new members coming in I would like to make a suggestion to the adjustment that must be made when joining the CrossFit community. CrossFit is a community. You have joined a network of friends that will support you in all of your health and fitness goals. We all work together for the betterment of each and every person who walks through those CrossFit The Point doors. There are going to be times when you feel like you aren’t good enough or feel like throwing in the towel but for every time you feel that way you will have someone there to pick you up and help you through it. There will also be times when you feel like you are king or queen of the world and that nothing can stop you (these are the greatest times) and those same people who picked you up when you were weak will be there to cheer you on when you dominate. When you see that person struggling or you see that person dominating be the CrossFitter that picks them up and cheers them on.

As we grow here at CrossFit The Point we will be going through some changes to better accommodate our athletes. The first of these major changes starts next week when we start the 3-day Foundations course. This course is meant to better prepare those individuals who are new to CrossFit. This program will begin on Tuesday and run through Thursday from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. These three sessions will give the new CrossFitter a better understanding of what CrossFit is and what is expected of them. They will be more ready to take on the workouts and do them safely. If at any time existing members, who have received an abbreviated version of this foundation’s course, would like to sign up and join this 3-day course please feel free to come in and talk with me. My goal as a coach is to make sure that every person who comes in to do a WOD is ready for that WOD and is confident with their movements.

I am very excited for our box here in Bluffdale and look forward to many years of WODing with my members. Have a great weekend and come ready for a week full of fun WODs next week.

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