Coach Dan’s Friday Focus 4.20.2012

We have had another great week here at CrossFit The Point. I want to thank all of our new members and our members who have been here from day 1. I am so grateful for such a great group of people to be associated with. Your dedication and hard work is contagious and we are seeing your friends catching that same fire. Keep bringing them in to experience the awesomeness that is CrossFit. Remember the first visit is free. We want as many people to benefit from this program as possible…Not to mention the free month for every 5 referrals you bring in.

We just completed our first full 3-day course of Foundations and it went really well. I want to talk about the importance of this class. Foundations in weight lifting is vital to the success of the CrossFitter. You may get sick of me getting on your case when your chest drops, or your elbows aren’t high enough, or your squats aren’t ¬†low enough but I do it because I care. hehe. But in all seriousness, before we can lift the heavy weights we must have the form down pat. The better our form is the more weight we will be able to lift and the safer we will be while lifting that weight.

As a CrossFitter we have a wealth of knowledge to pull from in order to become better. There are youtube videos, blogs, facebook information, and the CrossFit Journal. There is so much information out there and I would ask all members to seek out as much information as they can. Everyday when I post a WOD watch the videos on those workouts so you will be more prepared for the WOD. We all can learn from what we watch. If you learn something new feel free to bring it up so we can all learn together.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize the importance of welcoming new members into the gym. Think back to when you first started, for some of you you don’t have to think back too far, and how nervous you were to join a new gym and a new way of working out. CrossFit is still very new and people are tentative to try it. When we have newbies show up be the first to welcome them. We will develop long lasting relationships with members of CrossFit The Point and we mustn’t exclude anyone from benefiting from what we have to offer.

One more week under our belts and we are getting stronger and faster. It is great to see everyone’s progress. Keep up the good work.

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