Coach Dan’s Friday Focus 4.27.2012

“The Butt Wink”

As I am sure most of you have noticed I have been checking out everyone’s butts this week… With good reason. Many of us are guilty of what is called the butt wink. We get down to a certain point and then our butts begin to tuck under. This happens for different reasons for different people. The reason it is a concern is because this “wink” can cause lower back pain and it will also prevent you from reaching your potential in heavy lifting. There are many articles out there explaining the “butt wink” and explaining the causes and also ways for us to fix it. If I have told you that you wink at me every time you squat be sure to do some research on the “butt wink” on your own.

One thing I want everyone to focus on to help avoid this issue is to stretch post-WOD, especially your hamstrings. Flexibility in your hamstrings can be a major cause of the “butt wink”. Let’s strengthen those hamstrings and avoid those lower back pains.

The following is an article that explains this in more detail and I would recommend everyone to take a minute and read it. Also, if on your own time you come up with new solutions to help prevent the wink please don’t hesitate to let me know. I only have so many hours in the day to do all the research so let’s work together to improve our form in all the work we do here at CrossFit The Point.

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