Coach Dan’s Friday Focus 5.4.2012

Good Morning CFTP Members,

This week I would like to address my CrossFit programming. I have had many questions to why I design certain WODs at different times during the day. First off, there is a method to the madness. I try to do what is best for our members to make you stronger in every aspect. I keep a variety to not only shock our bodies and help us build strength but to also help all of our newer members get a chance to experience the diversity that is CrossFit.

I have had members come up and ask me why my WODs are so difficult. Well my answer to that is because all of my WODs are developed and planned to challenge even the most efficient CrossFitter at the gym. It is designed so that every person who walks through that door is put to the test and is getting stronger and faster. With that being said, every workout on the board here at CrossFit The Point can be modified and should be for those who are newer to the movements. I know that inside each and every one of us is the desire to do every workout as prescribed. We all have that desire to have that Rx next to our names at the end of the workout and we will. We all have strengths and weaknesses and CrossFit has a good way of bringing those strengths and weaknesses out of us. If we could all do the workouts as prescribed from the get go then what do we have to work towards. The modifications that we give you are there to make you stronger so the next time we do that movement you are that much closer to Rxing it.

As far as modifications go. Don’t feel bad if you have to modify. At some point or another we all have to modify something. Those modifications are there to keep you safe and to keep you developing. If your form is not ready for heavy weight then doing that extra weight could really do some damage.

You all are doing great and making great progress. Continue to work on that form and come with that competitive attitude every day. As always, invite your friends to come in and give it a try. I love to see the dynamic of husband versus wife, friend versus friend, brother versus brother. It pushes us that much harder and you will be bringing them into a lifestyle that will change their lives.

Also don’t forget that tonight at CrossFit Hyperion there will be a workout at 7:30 PM. They are located in Pleasant Grove and it should be really fun. Even if you want to just come and watch it would be very worth it. If you are interested in attending let me know and I will give you more details.


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