Coach Dan’s Friday Focus 5.11.2012

Good Morning CFTP Members,

This past week has been a fun one with lots of twists and turns. “Angie” was awesome and today’s “Jungle Agility” WOD is a rough one. I love the dedication that all you members are putting in and the fact that you are all putting in 100 percent when you come into the box. ¬†With that in mind, here are a few concerns I have:

First thing I would like to talk about is preparation. Every day when there is a WOD posted you must come prepared to accomplish that WOD. This includes a number of things: First off you must watch what you are eating and drinking the day before and moments prior to the WOD. Hydration is key to success in the gym. According to the Mayo Clinic we must drink anywhere from 10 to 15 cups of water a day. If you are not doing this then your performance could be hampered. Eat good food! Avoid sweets and bad carbs. Eat meat, vegetables and some fruit. The better you eat the better you will feel during the WODs. Last thing I want to touch on when it comes to preparation is equipment. Now if you know there are going to be a large number of pullups performed during the WOD and you know that you rip easily you must prepare yourself accordingly. Ripped hands are going to happen but we must try our best to prevent this. If you have bad knees or elbows and you see that the WOD has something that would cause issues then wear your braces or protective gear. I just want everyone to get a good workout every time they come without causing damage to their bodies.

The last thing I want to talk about is knowing your limits. While I love the fact that you all put forth your maximum effort during the WOD you must all keep in mind that there are limits to what our body can handle. CrossFit is meant to push you to your limits but it isn’t meant to injure you. During “Angie” we had amazing times and it was an awesome experience but we also had a lot of torn hands. We all must be cautious when attacking a WOD that is so demanding. There are modifications put in place to help protect you and to make it so that you don’t injure yourself. I would rather have you modify a WOD and be able to WOD the rest of the week then to Rx the WOD and be out for a week. You must know your bodies’ limitations. Along these same lines, our bodies need rest. I will take a day or two off a week to help my body rebuild. If we are constantly breaking our bodies down we will not get stronger. We need that recovery time. Without it your performance in the gym will suffer and this will also be a root cause of injuries.

Thanks again for an awesome week and I look forward to coaching you all next week.

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