Coach Dan’s Friday Focus 5.18.2012

Good Morning CFTP Members,

This week I am going to share something I learned from recent experience. Earlier this week I took on “Lumberjack 20” hero WOD. In this WOD it calls for 275# deadlifts. Since I am super competitive and “must” do everything prescribed I didn’t think twice when I saw the 275# deadlift weight. Through the first 10 reps I felt fine but then Zane was finishing his up as I was on rep 12. I knew I had to speed up to catch Zane so in doing this my form slipped. I began to use my lower back to lift the weight. In doing this I strained the lower left side of my back.

From this experience I relearned a couple of things. The first thing I learned is that some WODs, no matter how long you have been doing CrossFit, may need to be modified. My max deadlift is at 350# and so to ask myself to do 275# 20 times as fast as I could do it is asking a lot from my body. It would have been smarter to lower the deadlift to a more doable percentage of weight from my deadlift max. During the WOD I knew the weight was heavy and I should have slowed down.

The second thing I learned is that it is ok to slow your WOD down. I could physically do the 275# but I just needed to do them slower and focus on my form. If you “must” do the prescribed weight then you must know your limitations and you must remind yourself that form beats out speed every time.

In my opinion, there aren’t many things worse for an athlete than to have an injury that puts them out of commission for a period of time. I am hoping that my lower back recovers quickly and that I can be back to 100 percent in the near future. As CrossFitters we are always evolving and learning. Learn from other’s mistakes and missteps and if you ever have something that has helped or hurt your progress be sure to share it with our CrossFit community.

I look forward to another week of training all you CFTP members. Thank you for being so dedicated and strong.



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