Coach Dan’s Friday Focus 5.25.2012

Good Afternoon,

I don’t have a lot to say this week. I have been really impressed with everyone’s progress since we opened. I love that I can push you all to higher weights and faster times without worrying too much about form. Everyone’s form is getting better and just to let you in on a little secret… CrossFit gets better and better the longer you do it and the more proficient you get at the lifts and the gymnastic work. You begin to hurt less and you begin to push yourself more.

Before you know it you can be like “Iceland Annie” and be smiling after every workout. I posted this video not only because I have a huge crush on her but also because of her attitude going into every workout. She is a beast and is looking to repeat as “Fittest woman on Earth” at the CrossFit games in July. I would encourage everyone to follow the regionals this weekend. This is the last week of regionals and watching footage like this is inspiring and really gives us an idea of what is possible.

Go to and watch as these top CrossFit athletes go to battle. See who will make up the last few contestants at our CrossFit Games 2012.

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