CrossFit The Point Weight Loss Competition

Good Afternoon CFTP Members,

Starting tomorrow, July 2, 2012, we will be starting our first weight loss competition. We will be getting everyone weighed in tomorrow at the time you come in for your regular WOD and this will be everyone’s starting weight. This weight will only be seen by myself and you and will never be revealed, unless you want me to. The challenge will go on for two months and at the end of the two months, August 31, 2012, whoever has the highest percentage of weight loss will win. The prize is a month’s free membership at CFTP, a $90 value.

This competition is for all those looking to lose weight. If you want to win you have to watch what you are eating. I can guarantee tough WODs and to keep you sweating in the gym but you must do your part in the kitchen. During this competition I would like to challenge you all to a no sugar diet. This is no easy task and I understand how difficult it could be, therefore I too will be partaking in this no sugar challenge. We must work together and motivate one another to avoid what is causing our weight gain, or lack of weight loss. Cutting out sugar can give you a huge advantage and will put you on a path of a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Watch this video to get an idea of where sugar is used. It is more than just sweets!

I am really excited to see the change that can come from a challenge such as this. There are many people who have lost a lot of weight with CrossFit who are at CFTP and they would be great sources of information. One person in particular is Amber Smith who has lost over 150 pounds in 11 months of dieting and CrossFit. CrossFit will help you lose your weight and will make you stronger and fitter. Join us in this competition and lets shed those unwanted pounds by the end of this summer.


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