7.13.2012 Coach Dan’s Friday Focus

Good Morning CFTP Members,

This week’s focus is on team unity. Everyday we come into the gym and we are teamed up with a group of people. We all start the workout together but depending on the WOD some may finish before others. I saw something this week that I want to discuss. While CrossFit is for the individual it is also for the team. CFTP members are all on the same team and we are all here to get fitter, faster, stronger. So when it comes to WODing together it is up to us to help each other through. Some WODs for you may be easier than others. You may finish first in one WOD but barely make through the next. Now I understand from time to time you have to rush out the door because time is tight and you don’t have time to stick around long after your WOD but for all those other times we should stick around and cheer on our teammates. Once we catch our breath from doing that last rep we should be encouraging the individuals still pushing through the WOD.

This is one thing about CrossFit that you won’t see in a lot of other places. There is a competition aspect to it but really we want everyone to complete the WOD and we want them to get progressively fitter. At the games this year I want all of you to watch closely to how the competitors treat each other. There is a grand prize of $250,000 but instead of trying everything they can to break down their opponents they are cheering each other on! Those competitor’s finish their last rep and the immediately go to their competitors and start giving them pointers to help them finish. They are yelling at them to push through it. Prior to the obstacle race this past Wednesday there was one female competitor actually giving advice to her competitors about how to get through the obstacle course. She had a gymnastics background and was sharing it with her competitors! It was awesome to listen to. This is one aspect that separates us from the rest. We care about our teammates. We want to beat them but we want them to succeed.

So I want to make it a priority to really be here for your hour. Cheer them on and help them succeed. We are more powerful as a team than we could ever be as individuals.


Alejandra Florez

Alex is a determined soul. She comes everyday and pushes herself to the limit. She has gotten stronger everyday and is continuing to progress. Her hard work and determination has paid off and will continue to pay off. This is what she had to say about her CrossFit experience thus far.

I believe that crossfit is a true sport. It can truely help you change your life around. It gives you the strength to overcome obstacles and restores you to a healthier you. I know that Dan is one of the greatest couches that Crossfit The Point has to offer, even after he makes me do burpees, bear crawls, and makes me run without letting me modify. All jokes aside, I have been doing crossfit for three months now, and I have loved and enjoyed every sore and painful moment of it. I feel healthier and invigorated and more enthused about how much I have achieved in these past months. My favorite part of crossfit is the feeling of self pride I get after finishing a WOD. I can hardly be patient enough to see what is ahead.

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