7.27.2012 Coach Dan’s Friday Focus

Good Morning,

Today’s Friday focus is on what to do when on vacation. I noticed many people this week absent from the gym for one reason or another. We all have times when we are on vacation or on business and we aren’t able to come to the box to get in the WOD. When this happens the key is to still get a WOD in. For many of you who are away there are gyms in the hotels where you will be staying. Not only are there gyms but there are pools that can be used to do a swim WOD. Swim WODs are some of the hardest I have ever done. Take advantage of having a pool and do a swim WOD while traveling. Also online there are numerous places where you can find a plethora of travel WODs, which are mostly body weight stuff that can be done practically anywhere. Besides the travel WODs there are also affiliates everywhere. Visit a local affiliate. If you do then come back and share some of the knowledge they may have bestowed on you. I love hearing about how other affiliates run things and any extra knowledge is always a good thing.

So now you are home from your trip… The day after or day that you get back come back and get a WOD in here at CFTP. The longer you stay away from WODing the harder it will be to come back in. Do yourself a favor and get in as soon as possible. Your body will thank you.


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