8.3.2012 Coach Dan’s Friday Focus

REMINDER: CrossFit Hyperion’s Hopper WOD tonight at 7 PM.

Good Morning CrossFitters,

My focus today is going to be on trainers. I have loved being the sole trainer for most of you since you have started your CrossFit lives. It was been great to see you progress and get stronger and get more confident as the months have passed. Hehe. This is sounding like a good bye letter. It’s not but what it is is a precursor to what I have to talk about.

As many of you have probably watched Biggest Loser, you all know Bob Harper. He is the iconic trainer of Biggest Loser. It used to get on my nerves when I saw the athletes on the show get so attached to Bob and whenever there was any change they complained and wouldn’t work as hard for the other trainer. As I have trained all of you over the past months I have begun to understand how those athletes on The Biggest Loser felt. We get used to certain training styles and nobody likes change. Just to put your mind at ease, I am not going anywhere but there are going to be new trainers coming in from time to time to train.

They are certified trainers and know what they are talking about. Some have different backgrounds and different training styles but they are proficient as athletes and always improving their training skills. A change in trainer can be a really good thing. A second opinion on a certain lift or certain movement may be just the thing you need to take you to the next level. Listen to the advice of these trainers. I have chosen them to train because I believe in their ability and I know that my members can improve from what they have to offer.

You may start to see the following trainers in the near future:

Krishelle Butterfield – She started CrossFit with my back in April and has improved by leaps and bounds. She had an athletic body to start with but has turned that into a CrossFit body very quickly. If any of you have WODed with her you know what a great athlete she is. She is getting CrossFit Level 1 Certified this month and will be covering a number of my classes.

Jenny Schumacher – Jenny is a great trainer who is constantly improving in both her individual skills and her teaching cues. She has an amazing story and she is always willing to teach what she has learned. She has been training at CrossFit Cedar Ridge and receiving additional weight-lifting training at CrossFit Hyperion. She will be a great addition to the gym.

Zane Williams – Zane and I started CrossFit together back in 2010 while serving together in Iraq. He is a beast of an athlete and has lots of natural strength. He will always push you to go harder and faster. He got certified in July.

Matt Hammer – Matt has been someone who has pushed me to always improve. He is a great trainer and motivator. Just like the other trainers he is always improving and loves CrossFit. It has changed his way of training and he is willing to share this with others.

All these trainers are going to be great additions to CFTP. They will push you and make you better CrossFitters. Listen to them and follow what they have to say. Not one coaching style is best. Every coaching style has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Pick out their advantages and become better from what they have to offer.

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