LuRong Living Paleo Challenge

When: 17 September 2012

Where: HERE! We will do all the measurements and pictures and challenges here at the box.

Who: All members! We want all members to take advantage of this competition. Whether you are trying to lose weight or trying to improve your performance at the gym. THIS IS FOR YOU! Everyone will be on the same playing field no matter your goals. You will have a chance to win! Put  your hard work to the test.

How: Go to to learn how to sign up and more information on the competition. They have it all set up for us! All you have to do is sign up and name CrossFit The Point as your affiliate so I can validate you here.

Why: We all have goals and this Paleo Challenge will bring you closer to accomplishing those goals. This will unite the gym and you will have accountability as everyone strives to better their lives and reach their goals. We are coming up on the end of our first weight loss competition and this is a chance to keep it going.

I am super psyched for this competition. I have already signed up and am very interested to see what this diet will do for me physically. This challenge will change your life if you let it. I will be working with you daily to help you stay on track with your diet and your workouts. You will not be alone in this venture. Let’s represent CFTP and show the nation what we are made of!

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