Coach Dan’s Friday Focus 8.24.2012

Good Morning CFTP Members,

It has been great coming back and seeing all of you. This past couple of months have been great as we all have committed to losing weight and getting healthy. Next week is the last week of our weight loss competition. Who is going to win the free month’s membership?! I am hoping this past couple months of dieting and of changing our eating lifestyle has been rewarding and I hope that you all are ready to take the next step with the Paleo Challenge… That starts in just a few weeks. Prepare yourselves!

I have started my paleo lifestyle this past week and I know how difficult it can be to break our old habits. Sometimes the question arises whether or not it is worth it. Now days we are all out for instant results and so it is hard for us to continue working hard when we see that after a week of working so hard we feel little change or in my case feel exhausted. This happens to all of us, me especially. When I told my mom that I was starting the paleo lifestyle, again, she just laughed. Not because she didn’t believe I could do it but because I had tried so many times before and “failed”. Little did I know that those little failures I had along the way has prepared me to take on the paleo lifestyle and has prepared me for the upcoming competition.

This lifestyle has proven to be beneficial in many people’s lives and I understand it can be difficult but it will be worth it if we stick to it. We all have grown up around simple carbs and sugars in everything we eat. It is a habit we have created and have done all our lives. Just like breaking any habit it takes time to overcome. You have to replace it with better habits. I know we can all do it together. Having a community going through the same withdrawals and the same cravings will bolster us up and force us to think twice before taking a bite of that bagel, or that donut.

I am really excited for this Paleo Competition and want everyone to give it a chance. We need each other to change our lifestyles for the better. Get on there today and let’s build our CFTP team. ¬†

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