SWOD 5×5 Snatch WOD (inspired by WODsomniac 10-3-10) 10 Minute AMRAP 15 Front Squats 95/65 10 Box Jump overs 5 Ring dips Then: 3 Minute max Pullups Then: (10 Minute time cap) 500 Meter Row 50 Kb Swings 53/35 30 hand release pushups


Warm-up Tabata KB cleans, Tabata KB rack squat, Tabata KB press. Switch arms between rounds WOD 15 minute AMRAP of; Turkish-get-up with object on flat knuckles. This will force you to work on your form. If you drop the object at anytime during the movement a five burpee penalty will be enforced on thespot, and Read more about 1.23.2013[…]