Sunday 20 January 2013 Paleo Prep Challenge Update


Good Afternoon CFTP Members,

Although this post is especially for those who have entered into the six week challenge the information contained herein can and should be used by all those at The Point. I want to preface this with the following: Before entering into this challenge you all were aware of the fact that this was indeed a Paleo Prep Challenge. In keeping with this fact I have decided to prepare you all to live the Paleo Lifestyle by slowly weening you off of foods that are not considered Paleo. Please read the following article before going on so you will understand my reasoning behind the change.

With this in mind, I have decided to put a temporary ban on dairy. As you can see from the article; not all dairy is bad but the dairy we consume on a day to day basis can be. So from Monday, January 20, 2013 until the end of this challenge we are saying no to dairy. Let me tell you my reasoning behind this. A good percentage of us are lactose intolerant in some degree or another. The other day I was enjoying a little “cheat”, according to Paleo but allowed on this diet, of cheese. After eating the cheese I felt a familiar feeling of bloating and swelling in my stomach. It had to be from the cheese since I have been very strict paleo besides the cheese I had that night. While not all of us will have this reaction, many of us do. So for the purposes of this diet we will be ridding our system of dairy and if after this challenge you decide it is something you need you can reintroduce it to your diet and see how your body reacts. The whole purpose of this challenge is to make us healthier, fitter people. So give this a chance and see how your body reacts.

If from tomorrow on you consume any kind of dairy then that day will not be counted as a “good” day and you will not receive a point.

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