*Don’t forget to come cheer on your CFTP teams at WODsomniac at Copper Mountain CrossFit. Here is the address:

Copper Mountain CrossFit
11274 S Kestrel Rise Rd. Suite J
South Jordan, UT 84095

and here are the approximate WOD times:

6:00pm WOD#1- Burpees, Boxes, Deads and Sleds

12:00amWOD#4 – Burpee Blitz (Mixed WOD, 1 guy, 1

1:45amWOD#5 – The “FRAN”imal (Mixed WOD, 1 Guy,
1 Girl)

6:30am SKILLS#1 – 5k Run (1 Guy, 1 Girl)

6:30am SKILLS#2 – Max Lifts (Other Guy, Other Girl)

10:00am WOD#6 – 10-3-10 (Guys)

12:30pm WOD#7 – 10-3-10 (Girls)

3:15pm WOD#8 – Habra Sangre (All Team-Mixed Pairs)

Saturday Partner WOD

4 Rounds

Partner 1: Row 1,000 meters (If there are more than four teams then one team will substitute 100 SDHP @ 45# for their rowing)

Partner 2: AMRAP

10 Box Jumps 24/20

10 KB Swings 53/35

1 Rope Climb (Substitute 10 Ring rows per rope climb as a modification)

Partner 2 continues the AMRAP until Partner 1 is finished with the rowing. They then switch. We will record both the time it takes to complete and the total combined rounds completed. If partner 2 is in the middle of a round when partner 1 finishes his row then partner 1 will take over where partner 2 left off.

Each partner will row a total of 2 times.

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