I have some amazing members and 2 in particular went above and beyond and made a pretty awesome WOD with my birthday in mind. (Jaclynn and Hollie)

I appreciate it and so I decided to make tomorrow Dan’s Birthday WOD. Here it is, I wrote it down word for word how they wrote it. Some of these numbers may or may not be accurate BTW:


3 Rounds for time

58 DU or 175 singles (# of members of CFTP)

8 Thrusters (115/75) (# of family members)

17 burpees (age of first kiss) (LOL)

29 Situps (age)

3 HSPU (years with snaggle tooth)

1 rope climb (amazing buff trainer)

Like I said above… This is how they wrote it… Not sure where they may have gotten some of this information. LOL. I am not admitting to any of this but it looks like a killer WOD.


40 meters of hand stand walks

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