The Teams for WODsomniac Molten Lava Edition are as follows: (If you have any requests to be with certain people then please let me know. This is a preliminary list but I can change it if you had your heart set on a certain partnership/team) Team 1: Dave/Ryan/Tara/Amy Team 2: Dan/Dannon/Michelle/Amber P. Team 3: Jake/Colton/Lisa/Megan Read more about 7.20.2013[…]


WOD 35 minute cap Rx 53/35 (RX+70#’er) Rep are as follow 10/1,9/2,8/3,7/4,6/5,5/6,4/7,3/8,2/9,1/10. Athlete will start with.. 10-double KB rack squats Then waiter walk with one KB down on right hand to the end of the mats and back to the wall. Then the athlete 1-KB clean & Jerk (set) Then waiter walk with one KB Read more about 7.17.2013[…]


WOD “Nicole” 20 Minute AMRAP 400 M run Pullups, Max Repetitions Complete as many Pullups as possible. We are going to approach this like this: “Do as many pullups as you can in 20 minutes, but every time you get off the bar, you are penalized with a 400m run.” We will count the total Read more about 7.16.2013[…]

7.14.2013 Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight

Good Afternoon CFTP Members, This week we get to hear from one of our amazing trainers, Krishelle Butterfield. Before we do I want to make an announcement. As many of you know, we have welcomed in a couple of young athletes who are two of the top CrossFitters for their age group. Delaney Dangerfield and Read more about 7.14.2013 Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight[…]


Partner WOD “Wall Ball Frenzy” You and your partner complete 400 Wall balls for time. One Partner Runs 400 Meters the other partner does Wall Balls 20/16 (8 Foot line) 14 (9 foot line)