Team CORE WOD 3 Rounds 50 Floor swipers 95/65 50 Barbell Rollouts 95/65 50 Med ball Situps 50 KB Deck Squats 53/35 One Partner holds plank while other partner works (except situps)


SWOD Lift #2 Strict Press 2×5 warmup Find your one rep max WOD Kettle Bell Wednesday is back! Rx 53/35 Athlete may start at any point, but must move down the list. 20 Minute Cap 30- One army Russian swings (total) 30 Goblet Squats 30 Push Presses (total) 30 Burpees 30 Alternating snatches 30 Rack Read more about 8.28.2013[…]


SWOD (start of the Wendler Approach) Find 1-rep max back squat using the following warm up scheme first 3×5 (increasing in weight gradually) Go for your 1-rep max WOD (Chipper) 20 Minute Cap 30 Cleans 135/95 40 Ring dips 50 Wall Balls 20/16 800 M run (break it up however you see fit)


Starting this week we are getting our 1-rep maxes on the following lifts. Back Squats, Strict Presses, Deadlifts, and Front Squats. We are doing this so you all can have your one-rep max in order for us to calculate your weights as we begin the Wendler Approach. I will be posting a little about this Read more about 8.26.2013[…]


WODsomniac Week Day 4 The StrataFitness “Ten3Ten” 10 Minute AMRAP 20 Deadlifts (135/85) 15 Burpees 10 Pull Ups then 3 min Max Effort Clean Thrusters (135/85) then 10 Min Cap 400 m Row 30 KB Swings (53/35) 30 Toes to Bar 1 Rope Climb