8.19.2013 Day 1 WODsomniac Week


Opening WOD for WODsomniac. We will be completing WODsomniac WODs this week in preparation for the upcoming event. You all will know the pain that our teams are going through while you cheer them on this weekend.


WOD (While the explanation for this WOD is for a team we are doing it as individuals. So disregard anything about a team on the explanation)

15 m Sandbag Lunge (60/40) (we will lunge with our thruster bars)



Thrusters (95/65)

Box Jumps (24/20)


15 m Sandbag Lunge (we will lunge with our thruster bars)

* This WOD will be utilizing 2 mixed pairs of 1 guy and 1 girl. On 3,2,1 go, the first pair will pick up the sandbags and commence lunging across the gym floor to the thruster area approximately 15 meters away. When both partners cross the 15 m line, the pair may begin the thruster portion of the WOD. Only one athlete may perform thrusters at a time, and the other partner must hold front rack position for the reps to count. After the required thruster reps are completed, both athletes will drop their bars, and the first athlete will move to the box jump area roughly 6 feet away. A tag must be made in order to switch who is performing the box jumps. When all box jumps are completed in the set of 35, the athletes will move back to the thrusters. One athlete must have his bar in the rack position, before thrusters may start. The athletes will continue in this fashion until all work is completed. After the thrusters and box jumps are done, both athletes will pick up their sand bags and lunge back to the starting line. When both athletes cross the line, the bags will be dropped, and picked up by the next pair who will complete the same circuit. Time will stop when both athletes return with their sandbags and cross the finish line.

* Movement standards will be knee touch on the lunges, with the bag in either front rack, over head, or back rack. Thrusters are games standard, full depth on the squat and full lockout overhead before the bar begins its descent. Box jumps are full extension, no hands may touch the box, step ups and step downs are legal. The front rack hold, must be a true front rack. No “zombie” holds, no “genie” holds or other modifications will be allowed.

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