Starting this week we are getting our 1-rep maxes on the following lifts. Back Squats, Strict Presses, Deadlifts, and Front Squats. We are doing this so you all can have your one-rep max in order for us to calculate your weights as we begin the Wendler Approach. I will be posting a little about this in a post later on tonight. Thank you Coach LaDee for the suggestion. I really believe this will help us in our strength as a gym. We’ll be starting this Tuesday so the WODsomniac athletes have another day to recover. I need you all to be here every day this week, if possible, to make sure we get your 1-rep max figured out. 🙂

Skill WOD

Bar/Ring Muscle ups

WODsomniac Final WOD

500 Meter Row

10 Bar muscle ups (Mod with 30 Chest to bar Pullups)

20 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

10 Snatches 165/100


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