No KB Wednesday! (Sorry!) 😉 WODsomniac Day 3 WOD 1 Mile relay Max Front Squats (115/75) Comp Division Max OHS (115/75) Elite Division * This will be a mile relay, broken up into 400 m legs. Girls will run first. Athlete not running may perform squats, but is not required to, with his or her Read more about 8.21.2013[…]


Saturday Partner WOD 50 Tire Flips Then 200 pullups while partner hangs on the bar. The pullups can be broken up between partners but your partner must be hanging while pullups are being completed. (Depending on numbers the WOD may change a bit due to the amount of tires. Enjoy!)


KB WEDENESDAY 5 minute AMRAP of 7-push-ups 12-air squats 2 minute rest 5 minute AMRAP of 8-v-ups 8-KB snatches @ 53/35 2 minute rest 5 minute AMRAP of 400 meter run Then complete as many burpees as possible with remaining time.  


Skill Double Unders WOD 20 Minute AMRAP 10 Front Squats 135/95 10 Pullups 30 Double Unders    Entry-Level Jobs for 2013 Get your Career started today Search by City, State or Zip. click here aol.careerb