SWOD Strict Press – working off 90% of 1-rep max 5 reps x 75% 3 reps x 85% 1 reps x 95% WOD 4 Rounds 200 Meter Run 9 Ring Dips 7 Push Presses 115/75 5 C2B Pullups COOL DOWN!!! DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR MOBILITY!!!!

9.16.2013 Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight

Good morning CFTP Members, Congratulations on completing another week of tough WODs. We are midway through our first 4 week Wendler Strength Program. I have already seen much improvement in those of you who have been consistently following this program. Keep up the good work. Last night was a blast at CFTP Beast Mode. It Read more about 9.16.2013 Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight[…]