Remember that the yoga class is canceled and the kids class has moved to 10 am tomorrow. Saturday Partner wod “Chelsea” EMOM for 30 min 5 pullups 10 pushups 15 squats Alternating with: 5 kb swings 53/35 10 walking lunges 15 situps


Today’s WOD inspired by the scoreline that is taking our RSL boys to the MLS Cup Final 5-2!!! SWOD 5×2 Heavy Back Squats WOD 5 Rounds 2 Minutes of work one minute rest 10 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35 10 Wall balls 20/14 This will be scored as total reps completed in all rounds.

11.24.2013 Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight

Good Morning CFTP, CrossFit, like life, is a journey. Back when I started CrossFit while deployed to Iraq, CrossFit was very exciting and interesting. It was fun and unexpected. Every time I went in there was a new workout for me to conquer. It was something that I looked forward to going in and doing Read more about 11.24.2013 Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight[…]


Saturday partner wod Max rounds in 6 min alternating partners (one rest while one works) 3 KB SDHP 70/53 6 pushups 9 squats Rest 1 min Repeat for a total 5 cycles Cashout Tabata cherry pickers