20 minute AMRAP:

Turkish-get-up 1TGU on left+1TGU on right=1 round

TGU using only the blocks. The kicker! depending on what position you drop the block, thats how many Burpees you must complete. example…positon 1-7 is from the ground to half way point…so if you drop the block on the way down at positon 2 you will complete 12 burpees as a penalty. You could potentially acquire a 13 burpee penalty, so go slow and controlled! Isolation/concentration/determination!!!

For those overachievers out there… starting with block, complete one TGU on each side, then using an 18# Kettle bell and a block complete 1 TGU on each side. Move up in weight to see how heavy an individual can complete a “Proper” TGU. We can go up to 88#!!! 18/26/35/53/62/70/88.

If block is dropped, rep must be restarted from beginning, but not the round.

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