Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 4.20.2014


Good Afternoon, (It was going to be morning but wordpress issues!!!)

Happy Easter CFTP. Today I would like to talk about a few of our competitors. We had 8 people compete yesterday and I would like to talk about each of them. I will start with:




Here are her nationwide results for each of her WODs and for the total place overall. As a guide; The first line under the WOD is the score for that particular WOD and then the one in the parentheses is her rank nationwide for that WOD.

SO!!! Alex Florez, out of 1062 female novice competitors took 1st in the Nation on her clean max with a lift of 170#! That is amazing. I did some math and included all the intermediate women as well and Alex took 18th out of all the women who competed in the nation in the clean max. That is out of 1,995 women.

This competition for me was a bit bitter sweet with Alex. She just got a job in Boston and will be leaving us next month. Alex has been with us since we opened 2 years ago and CFTP will never be the same without her. She has come so far and I am so grateful for Alex and her hard work and consistency. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Next up is:



We all know JoAnn from the most recent photo shoot she had. She is rock solid. Even though she got snuffed out on the podium by 10 seconds on the final WOD she still took 29th worldwide in the Intermediate division. 29th out of 933 people. On her way to that 29th ranking she logged the 8th fastest 1,000 meter row time in the nation. Great first individual comp!




Nate is a total stud. He has a good foundation and I can’t wait to see, as his skills get honed, where he will go with CrossFit. In his first competition he took 17th worldwide in the Novice division. He was consistent across the board and never placed lower than 100th. He is a strong and dedicated athlete.




Barely 3 weeks into his CrossFit journey and he has already completed his first competition, placing 24th nationwide. It’s amazing how much we learn when we go to a competition and I believe Jacob learned a lot and I learned a lot about Jacob. Bright future for him!


KRISTEN AND KURT GERTH (Father/Daughter power team)


Kristen Gerth joined this comp with her dad Kurt. This combo was awesome to watch. I first met Kurt at last year’s Iron WoRx Competition where Kristen Gerth kicked everyone’s trash in the pool. Since then Kurt has joined the crew at CFTP and has transformed! This goes to show that you really can teach an old dog new tricks! 😉




Adam was our only male in the Intermediate level of the competition. He made it to the final heat and placed sixth among some very strong competition. Nationally he ranked 144th out of 1083 competitors. That’s top 15 percent! If you look at his rankings he was very consistent and competitive in most of the WODs. I think we found what we need to work on. And that is why this competition was so important for Adam and all other competitors. Strengths and weaknesses arise.




Eric has turned a corner since the beginning of the year. He has rededicated himself and has worked on many of his weaknesses. He has committed to competing and to working out his weaknesses. That dedication was apparent in this past weekend’s comp.

I wanted to share these with all of you for a couple of reasons. First is that I am super proud of these athletes. They really did give 100 percent this past weekend. The second reason is as I analyzed the statistics and where they all ended up a consistent theme came up. YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM YOUR WEAKNESSES. These men and women all dominated in one aspect of the competition but fell short on a different aspect. That is why CrossFit is so amazing. Just like in life, you can only avoid your weaknesses for so long before you must face them.

So stop avoiding the days where OHS are in the WOD or running is in the WOD or HSPU are in the WOD or whatever it may be that you struggle with. Come in and face them head on! Practice them with a coach and learn them. You will be happy you did.

Have a happy Easter. Can’t wait to see you all again tomorrow. Starting this week we will be starting an attendance challenge where we will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets to watch RSL to the most consistent members. The game is on the 17th of May!


Good luck to you all. Be sure to sign in each time you come for your chance to win the tickets!

Coach Dan

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