Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 4.27.2014


Good morning CFTP,

Great weekend at the gym. I got to see some very strong men and women come through and lift some heavy implements. It was cool to watch and I really appreciate the close ties we have with the StrongMan community. We hope to work more with them in the future.

While I was at the gym hosting this event I had the opportunity to go and talk with the Bodpod lady. She was there testing body fat percentages and after finding out I need to eat more I found out that we are the fittest bunch of people she has ever tested! So, keep up the good work. That is quite a compliment to receive.

Today I want to tell you what CrossFit means to me. CrossFit has become many things to many different people but what it really is to me is a means to create confident and strong people. CrossFit changes your mindset and makes you a better person. It provides a community of mutual respect and encouragement. It also creates a friendly competitive environment that will push your limits and help you reach heights you never dreamed were possible.

There are two very different things going on with CrossFit. There is CrossFit for the professional CrossFit athlete and then there is CrossFit for the everyday warrior. Coming up you are about to see some of the fittest men and women on earth go head to head here at the CrossFit Regionals. You are going to see these men and women compete and do amazing things. These men and women are not your once a day WODers. They don’t just go in and do the WOD and leave. These individuals have trained at a very high level for an extended period of time. They not only WOD but they train their skills and they LIFT and lift a lot! They are training to be the fittest in the world. While we like to believe we can take them on we must understand that this is many of their professions. They train for a living. I love the CrossFit Games and everything leading up to it; The Open, The Regionals… It is inspiring to watch and gives me the motivation to keep pushing forward. If Regionals is what you are striving for… LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN! We have the tools and the personnel to help you in your journey. Let me know and we will get you there. You all have the potential to get there, now you just need the goals and the commitment. Any one of you would be great representatives for The Point!

Now for us everyday warriors. I have hopes and dreams of being fit enough to go to Regionals, whether it be as an individual or a CFTP team, and I will continue to work towards that dream. We have the personnel and we will make it. CFTP will have a Regional Team and I can’t wait for that day but I want to talk about the other side of CrossFit. I am fitter than I have ever been in my whole entire life. I can sign up for a race without blinking an eye (except for the ridiculous cost of many of these races of course). Physically and mentally I feel I am ready to take on anything life wants to throw at me. CrossFit prepares us for the unknowable. You all are getting stronger and I can see as your mindset changes. As a whole our gym is fitter than it has ever been. Some of the WODs I put up now I wouldn’t have even dared to put up two years ago or even last year because we couldn’t do it. I am amazed daily at what you all are able to do.

I love strolling through the Facebook world because I get to see the amazing things you all are accomplishing. We have individuals from our gym competing at all kinds of different events every weekend. Not only competing but dominating! I can’t keep up with all the podium finishes we have from our members. I want you all to remember what you have done to¬†get to where you are today and don’t lose that intensity and tenacity. Don’t let doubt and fear get in your way of doing what you love to do. I understand it takes a huge commitment to be a member at CFTP. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know. We love you and are doing all we can to make CFTP a place that makes you a better person. Stay committed. Don’t give up on yourself after all you have accomplished. Keep striving to meet your goals.

Thank you for putting your trust in myself and all of the CFTP team. We are here for you and I hope you feel that we are fully invested in your health and wellness because we are!

Time for me to go meet with some more of our competitors to take on the Mountain Meltdown up in Park City. Come rain, snow, or cold, WE ARE CROSSFIT THE POINT and we will compete!

Coach Dan

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