Regionals Schedule MOBILITY & WARMUP WOD Run 400M 50 Deadlifts (115/75) 30 KB SDHP (53/35) 10 HSPU Run 400M 50 Walking Lunges 30 Cal Row 10 OHS (115/75) Run 400M Finish with 100 Double Unders No competitive weight. Competitors… Do it faster! Need to learn to do lighter weights fast!


Don’t forget to sign up to compete in our event in July. Check the link below. Lots of choices! Teens, 4-person teams, 2-person teams, Masters (age 40+) or individual http://www.tuffstuffevents.com/#!utah-july-11-12/c1ql3 SWOD 12 Minutes Even minutes Complete  3 Thrusters @ 70% or more of your Squat Clean Max Odd minutes Complete as many strict Pullups As Read more about 5.29.2014[…]


I know many gyms are going on and doing Hero Week this week. We are saving Hero Week for the July 4th week just in case you were wondering. 🙂 SWOD Back Squats 3×5 Warmup Go for 10-rep Max WOD 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Power Cleans Front Squats Shoulder to Overhead Rx = 135/95 Comp = 165/110

5.25.2014 Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight

Good Afternoon CFTP, Another great week. Getting ready for Murph tomorrow. As we get ready I want to explain what Hero WODs really mean in my opinion. Crossfit Hero WODs are named after heroes, military, police, firefighters, etc who have been killed in their line of work. These great men and women give us examples of Read more about 5.25.2014 Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight[…]


Monday Memorial Day schedule is 8 and 9 AM regular CrossFit classes SWOD 15 Minutes Station 1 Complete 5 Deadlifts @ 70% Station 2 Complete AMRAP of Ring Dips Station 3 Rest 1 minute at each station WOD 3 Minute AMRAP Burpees 3 Minute AMRAP Row for calories 3 Minute AMRAP Overhead Walking Lunges 45/35