Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 3.1.2015

Good Afternoon CFTP,

Tis’ the season! Dave Castro announced WOD 15.1 and I am not gonna lie… It was more fun than I expected. Great combination of a grip killing metcon and a max lift. Friday night was a blast and you all did so well. It was such an amazing atmosphere I am grateful for the cheering. I always excel when I have you all on my side and I hope you all felt the same way. We will continue these throw downs throughout the Open… Next week will be a new location on Friday night but we will also be doing an in house throw down on Saturday afternoon at 5 PM for those who couldn’t make it Friday night or for those of you who would rather do it with just us. We will also be doing the watch party again Thursday at 6 PM. Bring something to share to snack on… This week we’ll do it potluck style!

Here are a few preview pictures of Friday night. More will be posted shortly on Facebook! Photo Cred goes to the incredible Steve Arnoldus. Thank you sir!

SAP_8234 SAP_8228 SAP_8221 SAP_8210 SAP_8179 SAP_8161 SAP_8114 SAP_8093 SAP_8058 SAP_7994 SAP_7957 SAP_7904 SAP_7881 SAP_7807 SAP_7724 SAP_7677 SAP_7208 SAP_7180 SAP_7166

As scores start coming in you can all compare yourself to the rest of the world on the Games CrossFit Website. Usually you can do a custom leaderboard to see how you stack up in the gym but it seems like that feature is not working at this time. As soon as it is I will explain how you can check there. Remember to enter you scores! It is your responsibility to enter your correct score before the 6 PM Monday deadline.  Don’t forget! Submit whatever you got. You can always withdraw it and resubmit a new score if you do it again. Remember: You are only eligible for the free t-shirt if you enter all 5 weeks of scores. 

I am so proud of all of you for taking yourself out of your comfort zone and signing up this year. We have 62 people signed up so far and if you want to sign up and want to complete the first week’s WOD there is still time. I love how we feed off each other and push each other to all time highs! I told myself I was shifting gears towards more of a running season this year but I am still putting up numbers that I can be proud of and I have all of you to thank for that. Your hard work ethic is contagious and I love feeding off of your flame.

Finally we will be starting this month off with a nutrition post. Our nutritionist will be posting one of these every week for the next month or so. If you ever have any questions about nutrition please utilize Amy Robinson for her in depth knowledge on the subject.

Amy Robinson-

March is National Nutrition Month! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics created National Nutrition Month as a campaign for nutrition education and information awareness. The focus is on the importance of making sound food choices, developing healthy eating habits, and improved physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. So this week let’s talk about snacks.

I love snacks, especially when I’m not at home for the next meal on my weekly meal plan. Snacks are an important part of your eating plan – they help to prevent overeating at meals, keep your blood sugar level even during the day, and keep away those late night hunger attacks. And healthy snacks are great for your children to keep their energy up throughout the day as they play and learn. Here are some suggestions regarding snacks:

  •        – Plan your snacks as part of your weekly meal plan. Follow the motto of the Boy Scouts and “be prepared”.
  •        – Make your snacks “portable”.Keep snacks that you can “grab-and-go” to throw in your car or purse as you head out the door – such as cucumbers, carrots and celery with a small Greek yogurt to dip them in, some Mary’s gone crackers and turkey meat and almonds, or fruit and hardboiled eggs. If you’re dying for something sweet and semi-healthy, eat a Nugo bar (available at Costco, Whole foods, Sprouts and Amazon). And you can always put a scoop of protein in a shaker bottle as you head out the door.
  •        – Always eat a protein with your carb. This will keep your blood sugar stable.
  •        – Know where to go in a pinch. If you’re out and about and there is nothing around that’s healthy, stop at a gas station mini mart. Believe it or not, most gas stations have apples, bananas, string cheese, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, jerky (watch the sodium) and pre-made salads. The Maverick on 12600 South just west of Bangerter has a large selection of protein bars. Just avoid the candy and ice cream!
  •        – Eat because you’re hungry, not because you’re emotional or stressed. Eating more won’t solve anything so exercise instead. Go to CFTP for a WOD. You’ll be happy in no time. 🙂
  •        – Don’t eat out of the bag. Put your snacks in single serving bags so you’re not tempted to overeat.
  •        – Drink some water. You may be thirsty not hungry. So drink a glass of water first and then decide if you’re hungry.
  •        – Eating pre- and post-workout will help with your performance too. Be sure to have the right amount of fuel to perform well during the CrossFit Open!

Once again… Thank you for being so supportive of each other and always putting forth your best effort. I can’t wait for this week’s open announcement and to see how you all perform.


Coach Dan


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