Don’t forget about our 15.2 Watch Party presented by Max Muscle tomorrow at 6 PM. Stay after and watch Shayne Day and any one else who wants to get a jump start on it take it on. Also, we’ll be joining Copper Mountain CrossFit Friday night for our weekly joint gym throw down. We will also be doing a throw down in house Saturday at 5 PM at The Point for those who are interested!


Snatch pulls 

5@ 80%

5 @ 90%

5 @ 100 %


3 rounds

20 Hand Release burpee box jumps 24/20

20 wall balls 20/14

20 m bear crawl


400 Meter Farmer Carry 70/53 (each time you set down your kettle bells 10 burpee penalty to be completed inside after the 400 meter run)

400 Meter Med ball Carry 20/14

400 Meter bucket carry

50 meter back rack walking lunges with barbell 95/65

5 Rope Climbs

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