SWOD Self Improvement Thursday Use this time to get some extra attention on something you struggle with. You can also use this time to get some extra mobility in. WOD 10 Min Amrap 60¬†Wall Balls 20/14 30 Deadlifts 225/155 comp 275/185 10 Muscle Ups SPARTAN WOD OPTION RUN 2 MILES THEN CHIPPER STYLE 75 BOX Read more about 4.30.2015[…]


SWOD Turkish Get-up Review WOD 5 Minute AMRAP 5-KB Pushups 5-Russian Swings 5-American Swings 1 Minute Rest Then: For time (20 Minute Cap) 400 Meter Run 22-KB Rack Squats 22-KB Push Presses 22-KB Squat Presses 200 Meter Run 16-KB Rack Squats 16-KB Push Presses 16-Squat Presses 200 Meter Run 10-KB Rack Squats 10-KB Push Presses Read more about 4.29.2015[…]


SATURDAY FUN WITH NAVARRO SWOD PARTNER VERSUS Body weight max back squat Partner with more reps gets 1 point WOD PARTNER VERSUS WOD Partner 1 will run 1 mile Partner 2 AMRAP 10 HSPU 10 Pushups 10 Ring dips When Partner 1 returns from the run the partners will switch. The partner with more rounds Read more about 4.24.2015[…]


SWOD Bench Press 4×4 @ 80% WOD 15-12-9 V-Ups T2B Snatches 95/65 comp 115/75 SPARTAN WOD OPTION (Tuesday’s still has yet to have anyone give it a go…) 5 Rounds 500 Meter Row 5 Bar Muscle Ups (Mod with 10 C2B pull-ups or 15 Pullups) 3 Rope Climbs