SWOD 5 Attempts to find your max of the following complex: Power Clean Squat Clean Front Squat Jerk In between each set you will complete 5 strict Pullups (Weighted if possible) WOD Summertime Challenge WOD “The Burner Sprint” 5 Rounds for Time: Complete 5 rounds of the following movements: Double Unders/Singles Burpees With a 7 Minute Time Cap Read more about 5.21.2015[…]


Saturday WOD Teams of 3 #1 does first movement listed: 500 Meter Row 40 Air Squats 30 Situps 20 Pushups 10 Pullups #2 Holds 53/35 KB in front rack position #3 Holds 70/53 in front rack position Once #1 finishes the first movement then they rotate until all members are in the front rack again. Read more about 5.16.2015[…]


SWOD 4×2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 85% of Squat Clean Max If you are feeling good you can go on and attempt a 1-rep max with time remaining. WOD Row 500 meter buy-in 2 Rounds 40 Double Unders 20 Power Snatches 75/55 comp 115/75 10 HSPU 1 Rope Climb


SWOD Max Height Box Jump WOD LURONG SUMMERTIME CHALLENGE TEST BENCHMARK Part A- 5 Minute AMRAP: You have 5 minutes to complete as many rounds and repetitions of the following: 5 Box Jump Overs 10 Toes to Bar / Knees to 90 / Ab-Mat Sit Ups Athletes must then rest for 3 minutesbefore moving on to Read more about 5.14.2015[…]


Don’t forget about the Olympic Lifting class at 6:45 with Taylor Chiu. Also, for all of you in the Lurong Summertime Challenge Amy Robinson will be here tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 8:30 AM to measure. She will also be here Tomorrow night (Wednesday) from 7-9 PM. Please try to be here between those times to Read more about 5.13.2015[…]