SWOD 10 Minute EMOM EVEN: 3 Back Squats @ 70% (Each Round increase your weight if possible) WOD (Master’s Qualifier) EVENT 4 For time: 55 burpees 34 overhead squats 21 muscle-ups Men use 95 lb. Women use 65 lb. Time Cap: 20 minutes

Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 4.24.2016

Good afternoon CFTP, Today I am just going to go over a couple of announcements. First of all I am super excited for this coming Friday and Saturday. We have 2 individuals, Shayne Day and Lindsay Winn and 1 team, Pete Worhatch, Morgan Richards, Trisha Villareal and Marianne Sharp, competing at Fitcon in the Fitcon Throwdown. Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 4.24.2016[…]