WOD 15 minutes AMRAP 10-SDHP 70/53 10-box jumps 10-sit-ups Cash-out 3 rounds 10-cal row 10-cal bike 10 meter Burpee broad jump METCON Same as WOD above but between each round add a 100 meter run and also make it a 25 Minute AMRAP


SWOD 3 Second pause Box Front Squats 5×3 @ 75% After each set immediately complete knees to squat to box jump (Working on explosion) Benchmark WOD “Fran” 21-15-9 Thrusters 95/65 Pullups METCON “Metconish Fran” 21-15-9 Slam Balls Wall balls Pullups Calorie Row Burpees

Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 9.18.2016

Good morning CFTP peeps, Get back on the horse I came to a realization this past few days. I have allowed myself to become a victim. A victim to negative thoughts. A victim to self doubt. A victim of impatience. A victim of my circumstances. I have allowed myself to feel sorry for myself. Let Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 9.18.2016[…]


Saturday Partner WOD Complete each exercise starting at 2 reps then increase by 2 reps every roun for 15 Minutes Slam Balls 30/20 Overhead Walking Lunges w/ Slam ball Situps w/ Slam ball Fun cash out challenge!


Lockdown Week 3 20 minute cap Tier 3 200 Double Unders 100 Meter Sprint (Done together) 100 KB Swings 70/53 200 Meter Run (Done Together) 50 KB Snatches 70/44 400 Meter Run (Done Together) 25 Handstand Pushups Tier 2 100 Double Unders 100 Meter Sprint (Done together) 100 KB Swings 53/35 200 Meter Run (Done Together) 50 KB Read more about 9.16.2016[…]


WOD 2 Rounds of 4 Minute AMRAPs 1 Minute Transition A: 10 Deadlifts 155/105 10 V-ups B:5 KB Presses (R) 53/35 10 Meter Waiter Walk (R) 5 KB Presses (L) 10 Meter Waiter Walk (L) C: 10 Calorie Row 10 Slam Balls 30/20 METCON Same as WOD but replace Deadlifts with Burpees