Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 3.5.2017

Good Afternoon CFTP,

Great first two weeks of The Open! We have one more day to get our 17.2 in. If you have finished please submit your score now. Also, I am very impressed with the participation level from week 1! Not only the number of athletes signed up but also the number of athletes who submitted their 17.1 score on time! We have a grand total of 130 athletes from The Point sign up for The Open! All but 2 of you submitted your 17.1 score! That’s incredible! Let’s keep that up. Just because you weren’t where you had hoped in the first week doesn’t mean you don’t submit weeks 2-5. Your WOD is coming and it’s important to submit each week because you never know what the next week will bring. For example, week 1 was not my cup of tea. I did my best to submit my best score possible but still not real satisfied with the result. Then week 2 came around and it is much more in my comfort zone. That goes for all of you as well. We all have strengths and weaknesses in CrossFit and it’s important to do the best on your weak weeks and try to kill it on your strong weeks. You’ve committed to the 5 weeks, so let’s get those workouts in and submitted!

In this open season I have already seen people push past where they have thought and do things they have never done. It is so inspiring to watch each of you every week take on the challenge. This week was intimidating for many. Rx and Scaled both came up with movements that you either have never done or movements that you struggle with, i.e. Bar Muscle Ups for Rx and Pullups for Scaled. I heard some murmurings about the movement choice but for the most part you all saw the challenge and did the best you could to accomplish it.

Just like in life, it does us no good to complain about something that happens to us. It’s a waste of time and energy that could be put towards bettering ourselves. When I was in the military they constantly asked us to do some things that we all thought were stupid and a waste of time. Many times we sat and complained about it and in so doing, we made the task at hand 10 times harder and 10 times longer to accomplish.

My challenge to you is to take on the challenges at the gym and the challenges in life with a smile on your face and a goal to better yourself. Don’t be that person who complains about every little thing that is thrown at you. CrossFit is hard. Life is hard. Challenges abound. When life throws a curve ball, how are you going to handle it?

Today’s spotlight is of Helen Gardner and she is a great example of someone who, since joining The Point, has changed her attitude and has taken on challenges as they come.


1. How long have you been at The Point?
For about a year and a half!!

2. What do you do for a living?
I am a mom to 5 wonderful kids ages 12, 9, 8, 5 and 2.

3. Prior to finding CrossFit what did you do for physical exercise?
Prior to CrossFit, I honestly didn’t do much physical excercise besides chasing kids!  While I attended BYU, I played on an intramural basketball team that I loved!Growing up with 3 brothers, I would always play basketball with them and pass the football.  They would practice all of their wrestling and football moves on me…so I learned pretty quick how to defend myself!  🙂

4. If you had to pick your favorite accomplishment during your CrossFit journey so far, what would it be?
My favorite accomplishment by far has been FINALLY focusing on nutrition AND CrossFit!  It has been life changing!  I started Erika’s Clean Simple Eats meal plan in the beginning of January and have worked hard to stick with it.  I have lost 12 pounds so far and have given up a LOT of bad habits!  I feel like such a better version of myself!!  I was somehow able to take 2nd place in the challenge!  My nutritional habits have been something that I have really struggled with for the past 5 years and I feel SO fortunate to have such a wonderful team helping me!

5. What is one piece of advice you could give new CrossFitters that you wish you knew before you began?
I have learned so much that I wish I knew when I started.  The biggest for me is that you should never compare yourself to others!!  It’s great to admire the amazing qualities in athletes that you see at the Point, but never let that take away from who YOU are!!  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  This is YOUR journey.  Always try to do better then you did the time before and celebrate your accomplishments and prs!!  When you see someone who can do something that you can’t, cheer them on and learn from them so that YOU can one day accomplish it…but never let it make you feel like you’re not as awesome!  Also, the Point has SO many amazing coaches!!  They are there to help.  Never feel embarrassed to ask questions and get help with your form.  They really want to see you succeed!  The last thing I would say is once you combine consistently coming to CrossFit AND having healthy nutritional habits….that’s when the magic happens!!!

6. What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?
Definitely deadlifts!!!  I was able to pr at 235# with Jeremy and I’m hoping for 250# by my 2 year CrossFit anniversary!

7. What is your favorite all time WOD you have done?
I have 2!  The 1st was on July 22nd, 2015.  It was my 3rd day of CrossFit on a Wednesday.  Coach Dave programmed a 5k.  At that time I couldn’t even run 200 meters without stopping.  It was my brother Anthony’s birthday. He had passed away 3 years prior very tragically.  For part of the run I was by myself and I felt like I was going to die!!!  Seriously…I was SO out of shape!!  I felt my brother running beside me and I knew I was in the right place at CrossFit the Point.  I knew he was happy that I was focusing on my health and doing something for myself!!  My 2nd favorite wod was during the 1st Lockdown I did when I 1st started Crossfit.  Janelle Wheadon was my fabulous partner!!  I don’t even remember all the things we had to do…but I do remember the deadlifts!  We had todeadlift 135 pounds and I couldn’t get it to budge!!!  I was pulling so hard.  Devin and Thayne came over and started cheering for me and giving me tips on how to use my legs to lift.  I just remember feeling so embarrassed because I knew there was NO WAY I was going to lift it!!  Then I gained a little bit of confidence, listened to what they were telling me, and lifted it up!!  I was able to bust out a few deadlifts at that weight and that’s when I got hooked on CrossFit!  I loved the cheering, I loved the coaching, I love everything about it!

8. What are your goals for the upcoming year?
I have a lot!!  I want to continue to focus on nutrition and lose another 15 pounds by the end of the year!  I want a 250# deadlift.  I would love to clean 100+ pounds.  I want to run a 5k in 30 minutes or less.  I would love to overcome my fear of jumping on the stinkin box!!!

9. Before starting CrossFit what was your view of CrossFit? How has that changed since joining?
I thought CrossFit was for elite athletes who were already in shape!!!  I now know that CrossFit is for EVERYONE!!!

10. Give me a brief summary of your CrossFit journey thus far.
I will never forget the day (July 19th 2015) that Janelle Wheadon came up to me at church and invited me to come try CrossFit with her and Keith.  I had been struggling big time.  Ever since my brother passed away…I really went downhill.  I put on 30 pounds and felt really depressed for a long time.  I started habits that I never had before his death.  I just didn’t know how to deal with everything…so I turned to food.  I really didn’t feel like myself.  The day before Janelle invited me, I prayed so hard that I would find a way to come out of the darkness.  When Janelle approached me…I knew it was an answer to my prayers.  I started the next day!  I know for sure that CrossFit isn’t just about looking good.  It’s about becoming STRONG!!!  Physically strong, mentally strong, emotionally strong, spiritually strong…everything!  I feel like CrossFit has helped me to gain more confidence and has taught me to set goals and work my butt off to achieve them.  It has taught me to never give up!  The movements haven’t come easy for me..Coach Dan will testify to that..but I have learned NEVER to give up!!!  I LOVE coming to CrossFit the Point and I consider myself very blessed to be surrounded by top notch coaches and athletes who I now call my friends and family!  Thanks everyone for always uplifting and inspiring me.

Coach Dan: Helen has come a long ways since joining The Point. Helen has always been consistent but until recently her diet has been holding her back. I have seen such a change in her since January when she decided to combine CrossFit and clean eating. I have loved seeing the changes and it has inspired me to work harder and to eat cleaner.

Coach Wheeler: “Helen has one of the best attitudes. She comes to the box with a smile on her face and ready to learn. She’s always happy to see everyone and says hello.”

Coach Leslie: “Helen is so determined, I love watching her set and achieve her goals! I don’t get to coach her very often but every time I do she has a smile on her face, I love the energy she brings to the gym!”

Coach Mandy: “Helen is so happy and kind to everyone! She is always first to say Hi to someone and makes sure everyone is taken care of. Always watching out for others! I watched her through this last clean eating challenge and not only did she win the top three she spent most of her time encouraging others to stay on track!! It has been fun to see how far she has come!!! Her strength and endurance is improving every day 😊”

Thank you Helen for being part of The Point!

Coach Dan

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