3 Rounds:
1 Minute – 12M/10F Cal row, Max wall balls
1 Minute – 25 Situps
Rest 1 Minute
*Score is total Wall balls

12 Minute AMRAP
10 – KB Swings 53/35
10 – Box Jumps 24/20
10 – Hand Release Pushups

1st EMOM 12 minutes
(begin each round at the start of each consecutive minute, time left is counted as your rest period)
4 KB thrusters (clean 2 KB once, squat and press up kettle bells)
8 reverse crunches (sit on bum, lean back and legs come in and out)
4 KB American swings
2nd EMOM for 12 minutes
Russian KB twists
200 m run
KB front rack lunges

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