7 Minute AMRAP
Double Kettlebell Front Rack Lunge, 53/35 lbs, 50 ft
7 Ring Muscle-ups

Goal: 4+ rounds (Scale to try and hit that number)

Rest 3 Minutes

7 Minute AMRAP
Handstand Walk, 50 ft
7 Overhead Squats, 155/105 lbs

Goal: 3+ rounds (Scale to hit this goal)

Coach’s note:

Goal for AMRAP #1 is 4+ rounds so scale the reps down on the muscle up if needed.

Second one should have the scaling done with the loading of the OHS and then the distance of the HSPU if needed. You can also to shoulder taps, walks to a wall, or walking around a box for roughly 20 reps for subs.

5×3 @ 70%

10 Rounds
400 Meter Repeats
Rest 2 Minutes between rounds

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