Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 5.7.2017

“The days you are most uncomfortable are the days you learn the most about yourself”

Good Afternoon CFTP,

This week I want to touch on something that I was really excited about and that happened this past Tuesday. This past Tuesday I programmed a workout with some very high skill movements. The reason this workout stands out to me is the way you all handled it.

Many of you could not do the actual prescribed workout but that didn’t stop you from coming in. What I loved about the whole day is that each and every one of you completed the workout and did so scaling down to your abilities. Not only this, but you also did movements that helped build up your foundation so that next time these movements are announced you are one step closer to doing it as prescribed.

I think some times we lose sight of why I ask you to scale. Scaling isn’t only so you get more benefit out of the announced workout but it is also so that you are making strides to becoming a better athlete. Take handstand walks for example. Handstand walks are very difficult and take time to learn. There are many steps to achieving a handstand walk and without building this foundation, handstand walks will always remainĀ “impossible”. But by choosing a movement that you can accomplish that day, you are building a foundation so that next time you can be one step closer to getting a handstand walk. Whether this past Tuesday you did only part of the distance, or you did it around a box, or you did a handstand hold on the wall, or you did wall walks, or shoulder taps… Whatever it is that you did, is going to be step in the right direction for you.

It was so fun for me to see all of you challenging yourselves. It didn’t matter to me what you chose to scale down to. What mattered most is that you were challenging yourselves. You were putting yourself into an uncomfortable situation so that you personally were improving.

There are WODs out there that each and everyone of us must scale. There are many WODs out there where it is just too heavy for me. There are WODs that have movements that I am just not proficient at. Instead of avoiding these workouts I have chosen to take them on and if that means that I scale them until I can Rx them, then so be it.

Fitness is evolving and so with it we must evolve. That’s what I love about CrossFit. It is never going to be boring. There’s always going to be something that comes around that is going to challenge me and make me uncomfortable. There will always be a new movement or a new workout that will scare me but how boring would life be if we never challenged ourselves?

Coach Dan

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