The Brighton A Day Foundation was created in honor of 4-year-old Brighton Tenney who passed away unexpectedly Jan 2016. In this tragic time, the Tenney family was overwhelmed with love and support from family, friends, and the entire community around them. Because of this they realized that love and kindness can get people through anything in life. The Brighton A Day Foundation has 2 goals. 1- to spread kindness and love. It’s amazing how much better people’s day can be by others doing a random act of kindness. 2- to help families that have lost a child. This is either by giving a support group or helping financially to help ease some burdens.


2011 m row
5 rounds
19 double unders
19 pull ups
19 ab mat sit ups
19 box jumps
Rest 4 minutes
1 round
24 Muscle ups
24 Pistols
24 hspu’s
24 Thrusters
24 Burpees
2016 m row

*in teams of 2, 1 partner working at a time.

Spell your full name A- 10 glider or TRX knee tucks B- 15 push-ups C- 20 sit-ups D- 50 jumping jacks E- 15 burpees F- 20 walking lunges (weight optional) G- 10 TRX pike planks (opt. plank) H- 30 skaters I- 400 m run J- 400 m run K- 15 V-ups L- 15 burpees M- 200 m run N- 20 sit-ups O- 25 air squats P- 10 per side up and back Q- 30 burpees R- 10 tuck jumps S- 30 skaters T- 400 m run U- 25 squats V- 15 push-ups W- 30 mountain climbers X- 30 V-ups Y- 30 mountain climbers Z- 20 walking lunges (weight optional)

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