12 Rounds
Every 75 Seconds
1 Squat Clean
Increase weight each round by a minimum of 5 pounds but no more than 20 pounds. You must have a successful lift to increase. If you miss you will stay at that weight or drop down to your previous successful weight until the end of the workout.
Start at 50% of your one rep max

Fight Gone Bad Style
3 Rounds
1 Minute at each station. 1 Minute Rest in between rounds. No rest between movements
Toes 2 Bar
Overhead Squats 75/55
D-balls over the shoulder 70/50
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55

Spartan WOD
800 meter Med ball carry 20/14 (held Bear hug style)
800 Meter Double Kettle Bell Farmer Carry 44/26
800 Meter Run
800 Meter Plate Carry 45/35 (held any way)

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