10 Rounds
Every 75 seconds
1 Strict Press
2 Push Presses
1 Split Jerk
-Starting weight = 60% of strict Press max. Increase each round. If you get to a weight you can no longer strict press, drop the strict press and do the rest of the complex.

Toes 2 Bar
Wall Balls 20/14
After each round:
Round 1 = 200 Meter Dumbbell Farmer carry 50/35
Round 2 = 200 Meter Wall ball Burden carry 20/14
Round 3 = 200 Meter Run

30 sec work, 10 sec. rest, 5 sets per exercise before you move on
KB step-ups
Sumo deadlift high pulls
DB plank row to burpee (http://blondeponytail.com/2012/01/dumb-bells-only-hiit-workout/)
Goblet Squat
Russian twists

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