Last Edition of WODsomniac’s 10-3-10 10 AMRAP: 20 Front Squats (95/65) 15 Box Overs (24/20) 10 HSPU (one participant moving at a time, second teammate waits in holding area and must be tagged in. You may tag in your teammate at anytime) -then- 3:00 Max Effort Rope Climbs -then- 5 Rounds each (alternating rounds) 100 Read more about 7.22.2017[…]


WOD (7.19.2017 Coach Krishelle’s Birthday WOD tweaked) 37 Russian KB Swings 53/35 37 Deadlifts 225/155 37 T2B 37 Calorie Row Cashout Deck of card abs! METCON 7 rounds for time 10 kettlebell swings 10 burpees 10 push-ups 10 kettlebell squats Cash-out: 6 minute EMOM Odd minute: plank Even minute: sit-ups


SWOD Back Squats 5×3 Pause Squats @ 70% (5 Second pause at the bottom) Throwback to 7.18.2013 WOD  10 Thrusters 95/65 30 Box Jumps 24/20 10 Thrusters 30 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65 10 Thrusters 30 Walking Lunges 10 Thrusters 30 Burpees 10 Thrusters 800 Meter Run Spartan WOD 5-4-3-2-1 Rope climbs Run 800 meters Read more about 7.20.2017[…]


SWOD Tabata (4 Rounds each) HSPU Ring Dips Score will be total reps completed WOD (Throwback to 7.16.2013) “Nicole” 20 Minute AMRAP 400 M run Pullups, Max Repetitions Complete as many Pullups as possible. We are going to approach this like this: “Do as many pullups as you can in 20 minutes, but every time Read more about 7.18.2017[…]


SWOD 13 Minute EMOM First 6 minutes Complex = Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch 1 Minute transition Last 6 Minutes Complex = Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean *Goal is to go as heavy as possible on the complexes. This is the start of throwback week! We will be repeating WODs from July 15th-July Read more about 7.17.2017[…]


U.S. Army Spc. Christopher D. Horton, of Collinsville, Oklahoma, died Sept. 9, 2011, in Zurmat District, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when enemy forces attacked his unit with small-arms fire. The 26-year-old was assigned to 1st Battalion, 279 Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Oklahoma National Guard. Horton is survived by his wife, Jane; parents Read more about 7.14.2017[…]