Partner WOD Week!

Back Squat Tempo x3xx.
5×3 82%
Pair each set with max effort broad jump x3.

Partner WOD
50 Front Squats/Power Cleans 115/75
60 Box Jumps 24/20/Double KB Farmer carry Lunges 53/35
70 Cal Row/Burpees
80 T2B/Situps
*At each station you and your partner will take on one movement each from the chosen pair. You can switch off back and forth as many times as you need.*
For example: 50 Front Squats and 50 Power Cleans – While partner one is doing Front squats, partner 2 will do power cleans. If partner one switches to power cleans then partner 2 must go to front squats. You cannot move onto the next station until both movements are complete. If you finish one movement but not the other then the partnership can take on the movement together to finish but only one partner can go at a time.
Don’t understand? I’ll explain it at class! 🙂 Just come and enjoy the ride!

3 round, 50 sec per exercise, 10 sec rest
1. Russian twists
2. Rip trainer squat row (face anchor, switch half way)
3. Alligator plank (knee to elbow)
4. Paper plate reach outs (plate under hands, reach out front and glide to side and back, switch hands and repeat)
5. Plate reverse lunges
6. Walk out with push-up
7. Ball slams
8. Stand up sit-ups (opt. heavy DB for feet)
9. TRX rotation reach
10. 100 m run to push-ups

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