SWOD (Warmup for WOD)
8 Minute EMOM
1 Snatch AHAP
1 Clean AHAP

Partner WOD
Part A:
8 Minutes to establish:
One Partner finds his/her max snatch
Other partner finds his/her max clean

2 Minute Rest

Part B:
8 Minute AMRAP
Athletes will start 5 meters from the wall. Partner one will complete the reps and head back and tag partner 2. Partner 2 will complete the reps and tag partner 1. Partners may tag in and out whenever they choose.
2-4-6-8-10-12… and so on
Wall balls 20/14
Handstand Pushups (Scaled = Hand release pushups)
Each rep completed in the AMRAP will equal one pound and be added to the total from Part A.
Score = total weight from part A + Part B Reps
(Example: Partner one completes 2,2,4,4 and then tags partner… Next partner then starts at 6,6… and may tag whenever they like.)

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