Coaches’ thoughts on Candas:

Coach Dan: I freaking love Candas. She is constantly impressing me. I don’t get to train her as much as I’d like to because of scheduling but then when I do I am dumbfounded on the progress she has made. She has never stopped improving and is constantly working on her weaknesses and strengths. She is a great example of what consistency can do to your body.

Coach Am: “Candas is a superstar, she’s so quiet and lovable! She works hard every time she walks in that gym! Superstar athlete, wonderful lady and a great asset to our gym family! Love ya lady! Keep up the great work!!”

Coach Leslie: “Candas is awesome! She’s always pushing herself, constantly improving and getting so strong! Love ya Candas!!”

Coach LaDee: “Sweetest, hardest working girl ever! Candas is always willing to push through a hard workout and does it without complaint. Lover…so much so that I put up with her husband just to make sure she keeps coming back ;)”