13 Minute EMOM
First 6 minutes
Complex = Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch
1 Minute transition
Last 6 Minutes
Complex = Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean
*Goal is to go as heavy as possible on the complexes.

This is the start of throwback week! We will be repeating WODs from July 15th-July 20th, 2013! I will post the results picture and let’s see how we have improved!

WOD (Throwback to July 15, 2013)

3 Rounds

15 Hang Power Cleans 135/95

15 Bar hopping Burpees

3 round, 50 sec per exercise, 10 sec rest 1. Med ball lunge with wall slam between right (lunge back right, ball goes out to the left with straight arms and then slam the ball into the wall, repeat) 2. Med ball lunge with slam between left 3. Med ball mountain climbers 4. Ring or V-bar dips 5. Around the world med ball burpees (burpee with hands on the ball and then stand up and the ball goes in a circle and then slam it down, repeat but change the direction of the ball each time) 6. TRX push-ups with pike 7. TRX 1 arm alternating bicep curls

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