Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 8.20.2017

Good Afternoon CFTP, Fun week last week! There were some challenging WODs and you all met the challenge. There is one WOD in particular I’d like to touch on but I will do that in a bit. First and foremost… Let’s announce the winners of the #cftpstrong posting competition that Scoob started. Scoob was runner Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 8.20.2017[…]


Saturday Partner WOD 3 alternating rounds 9 min cap 50 lateral hops (over paralette) 10 calorie assault bike Rest 2 Minutes 5 aternating rounds 15 minute cap 10 Calorie Row 10 dumb bell cleans Rest 2 Minutes 400m Burpee Broad Jump Switch every 10 meters Score is total time


SWOD Deadlift (Percentages off of working max) 5@65% 5@75% 5+@85% WOD 12 Minute AMRAP 200 Meter Run 2 Push Jerks 225/155 3 Front Squats 225/155 4 Power Cleans 225/155 SPARTAN WOD 12 Rounds 2 Minutes 100 Meter Run Rounds 1,4,7,10 Complete AMRAP Pushups Rounds 2,5,8,11 Complete AMRAP KB Sumo deadlift High Pulls 70/53 Rounds 3,6,9,12 Read more about 8.17.2017[…]


SWOD Push Press off of working max 5@65% 5@75% 5+@85% WOD 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 C2B Pullup Power Snatch 95/65 Bar Hopping Burpee Toes 2 Bar Spartan WOD 3 Rounds 800 Meter Run 5 Rope Climbs 50 Meter Sled Push


SWOD (Beginning of Wendler) Back Squats (Percentages will be taken off of 90% of your max) 5@65% 5@75% 5+@85% WOD Open 17.5 10 Rounds 9 Thrusters 95/65 35 Double Unders METCON 3 round, 50 sec per exercise, 10 sec rest 1. Russian twists 2. Rip trainer squat row 3. Alligator plank (knee to elbow) 4. Read more about 8.14.2017[…]

Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 8.13.2017

Good Evening CFTP, What a wonderful evening yesterday being able to celebrate the wedding of two of our members. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Darin and Mandi Billeter! It was an honor attending your reception and I am lucky to know you and to be able to witness this amazing relationship bloom. Good luck to Read more about Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 8.13.2017[…]