Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 10.15.2017

Good morning CFTP,

First of all. Thank you Coach Mandy Turner for putting on the GNO for breast cancer awareness and also a huge thank you for all of you who showed up and participated and donated.

I love when everyone comes together to support such worthy causes.

The Lockdown is over! I seriously am so impressed with everyone who participated. You all did so well and put in your best effort all the way to the end. Congratulations to everyone and huge congrats to our podium finishers. This was by far the most competitive our Lockdown has ever been with placements separated by mere points.

Tier 1 Men:

  1. Team Tat2 – Mike Hays and Eric Golub
  2. WOD have we gotten ourselves into? – Brandon Bailey and Chris Carpenter
  3. Kettlebros – Mark Altmyer and Miguel Perez

Tier 1 Women:

  1. Salute the Glutes – Rikki Bowman and Annelisa Sohm
  2. Buns and Guns – Grace Cox and Cathy Leslie and Dorianne Betof
  3. Hustle and Muscle – Jenny Boyle and Challey Smith
    3rd also – WODing for 2 – Carrie Ross and Stephanie Cowles

Tier 2 Men:

  1. Beer Pressure – Ben Aimone and Derek Keller
  2. Stickel Brothers – Brent Ramey and Richard White
  3. Family Style – Rich Naylor and Braiden Naylor

Tier 2 Women:

  1. Last Minute Decision – Shante Reeder and Marianne Sharp
  2. Golden Girls – Cammie Arnoldus and LaDee Dangerfield
  3. Double AA’s – Amy Merrill and Angie Patterson

Tier 3 Men:

  1. GrassyAss – Danny Reeder and Dave Martinez
  2. The Gimps – Pete Clayton and Thayne Sohm and Hayden Moss
  3. Deuces – Zach Lake and Dan Adamson

Tier 3 Women:

  1. Silent but Deadly – Lindsay Winn and Mandi Billeter and Mandy Turner
  2. Trouble Unders – Megan Burr and Lexie Lund
  3. Muscled Mamas – Cami Taylor and Lisa Moore

Congrats to you all! This past month we all have been competing against each other. No matter how things ended up… It is time to change gears and cheer on our winners. On October 28th at 8 AM we will be competing against Saratoga Springs CrossFit, who just completed their own internal Lockdown to determine their top 3 teams in each tier, just as we did. On October 28th the teams in each tier will combine to create a 6 person mega team. This 6-person team will go up against Saratoga Springs in a one day brawl to determine who gets to keep the battle of the valley trophy for the next year! We will need everyone’s support on the 28th at The Point to cheer our winners to victory.

Thank you all for participating in this year’s Lockdown. As the results came out there were many mixed feelings. I talked to many of you and I wanted to let you know, no matter where you finished, you did something awesome and I am proud of you all. I saw something from you that you would have in no way been able to recreate without the spirit of competition.

Defining Failure

I was talking to one individual who took their placement in the lockdown very hard. They explained to me that they feel that they did all they could and still ended up falling short from the podium and this individual felt as if they had failed.
Failure is such a tricky word. I am going to share something that isn’t easy for me to share because just like you, I only like to show others the positives in my life. Hence, my Facebook posts are always about Scarlet because no matter what I do, I helped create something amazing in Scarlet.
So… Here it goes. This past Friday I went into the testing center in Draper to take the CrossFit Level 3 test. To keep this short, after 3 hours of answering questions to the best of my ability, I fell short. They don’t give you a percentage, it’s either a pass or a fail and when I saw the printout and it said, “We regret to inform you that you have failed…” My heart sank. Granted, this test only has a 30% pass rate but I felt confident going into it that I would best the odds.
I debated on even sharing this but I think that it is important for you all to understand that we all fail. We all fall short in one thing or another. But I think the saddest thing I see now days are those who are so afraid of failure that they don’t even try. I first signed up for my level 3 test back in April. I then put it off to May and then to June and then to July and then to August and then finally to October. That’s right! I rescheduled my test because I was afraid. I rescheduled 6 times! I came up with excuses to why I couldn’t do it then and pushed it off until I finally decided I needed to just do it.
That to me is real failure. Failure to try. Failure to get outside your comfort zone and try.
Just by signing up for the Lockdown you proved to yourself that you weren’t afraid to try. You proved that although the odds were stacked against you, you still were willing to try. You were willing to put yourself into a situation that you might fail.

Taking Advantage of Failure

So, where do we go from here? Now that I have failed my first attempt at the Level 3 test, what do I do now? I go back to work! I look at where I need to improve and I work so that when I retake this test in a few months, I am more prepared than I was last time.
What do you do, if you feel like you failed in the Lockdown or in anything in life? Go back to work! Don’t let it get you down. Don’t let failure define you. Let it light a fire under you. Let that failure drive you to improve. Let’s look at our “failure” as an opportunity to improve and grow. Look back on your experience in the Lockdown and look at the positives and acknowledge what you did accomplish during that time. Recognize the personal records you may have set or the improvement physically and mentally that you achieved during this “failure”.

Realize our True Potential

Let’s face it. If we never failed at anything in life, that just means we didn’t try. That means we are no closer to realizing our true potential. The more we challenge ourselves and the more we put ourselves into uncomfortable situations, the more we grow and the more we realize that there is more room for us to improve. If life has become easy and boring then do something that challenges you. There is never a good time to stop trying.

Another thing that failed to take hold is the 5 and 6 AM time change… So starting Monday, October 16th, we will be returning to the old hours of 5:30 and 6:30 AM. I know this will make some of you sad because you have gotten used to the new hours over the past 6 weeks but the consistency I expected to see has not come around. Hopefully in the future we can provide a 5 and a 5:30 and a 6 and a 6:30 but for now we are going back to 5:30 and 6:30 AM.

Coach Dan

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