Coach Dan’s Sunday Spotlight 5.6.2018

Good Morning CFTP,

Happy birthday Coach LaDee! Coach LaDee has been with The Point coming up on 5 years! She joined us along side her two daughters Delaney and Maya and has become a main staple on our coaching team ever since. If you haven’t had a chance to wish her a happy birthday, make sure to do so.
LaDee cares about all of you and she shows that in the way that she coaches. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her coaching and is always looking out for each of you as athletes. She has more certifications than any other on our coaching team and every year she attends another certification in order to better improve her coaching. I am grateful for the influence that LaDee has at The Point.

As I am sure many of you have noticed, we have changed up the routine at the gym. For the past 6 years+ we have come in and done a warmup and circled up for a stretching session. This started as a short 5-10 minute thing but has slowly increased to 15-20 minutes. We did this because it was a great way to get you all organized and ready for the upcoming workout. For a long time we have talked, as a coaching team, about switching this routine up but have always decided to keep with what has worked but I felt it was finally time for a little change.
What has changed?
When you come in, you will now be gathered round from minute one of class and will begin the warmup together. This warmup will include movements from the upcoming workout and will also include more movement and more dynamic stretching and moving.  The initial warmup will not include any formal static stretching, although you will definitely have time to do some stretching during the WOD explanation and specific warmup.
After the group dynamic warmup you all will begin your specific warmup and setup for the SWOD and WOD. After the SWOD and WOD is complete, we are leaving time to circle up and get our static stretch on as a group just as we have at the beginning of class in the past.
Why the change?
I feel that this change will be beneficial to all of our athletes. Our goal is to better prepare you for the WOD and to give you as much time as possible to warmup and also give you time to cool down before you take off for the day. I also feel it is as important to have that cool down time at the end of class. After our muscles are limber from the workout, we can get a deeper stretch and increase our athletes’ flexibility through the static stretching of already warmed up muscles.
What changes do you need to make?
Number one; I need you to try your best to be on time every day or even 5 minutes early. Now that we are making more of an effort to start on time, I need you there to participate in the warmup to prevent injury and to help you perform at your peak.
Number two; join the class in the warmup. Even if you’re having to modify certain portions of the workout or if you are doing the Spartan or a different workout, when you come to class I need you to join us in the initial warmup. Our classes are setup as group classes for a reason. When we warmup together and WOD together we are better able to push each other and when everyone is on the same page it makes it easier for our trainers to give you the coaching you deserve. If there are too many side conversations or side workouts going on during the warmup then it makes it very difficult for our athletes to get the coaching they pay for.
Number 3; We are ending the class with a group stretch. Stick around until the end of class and cheer on your classmates. Even if you finish early, cheer on your friends and then circle up with us and get your stretch on. I’ve been in the situation where I was the last one finishing and nothing is more demoralizing than to see people cleaning up and leaving as I am giving it my all to finish. The goal of this new format is for our class to start together and for our class to end together.

I hope that this answers questions to the changes made the last couple of weeks and I really believe that this will benefit us as athletes and help us perform at a safer and higher level.

Coach Dan

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